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Focus on a single call-to-action

A well designed website focuses the visitor on a single point. I’m sure you’ve seen those sites that bombard you with popups, slide-ups, sidebar opt-ins, bottom of page opt-ins, and oh-by-the-way — like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and while you’re at it, would you like to chat with us live? The problem is that the visitor’s attention is pulled in too many different directions and none of those are the actual content of the page. Very few people will decide to opt in or buy right away without reading something of value first. So focus your visitor.

A WebPioneer website will keep the focus on your content. Clean, unobstructed views, with a limited number of callouts, links, and action buttons around.

With highly compelling content comes engagement. That means that once a visitor reads something thought provoking from you — it could be an article, an overview of a product’s benefits, a video, whatever — then they’re ready to take the next step. In fact, they want to.

We design websites with a single call to action.