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You want your online shop to swim not sink so you’ll need to think carefully about payment options. If you do business online how you do ecommerce is critical. So what are the options? Well, you could just ask your customers to print out a form and send you a cheque. Or you could expect them to call you and give you their credit card details over the phone. But there are much better ways of selling online. If customers feel that paying for an item is going to be hard work they probably won’t bother. They’ll be off to your competitors site – which is not what you want. Make the process quick and easy and online sales will improve.

There are a number of payment processing companies that you could consider using such as Paypal. A more expensive solution, but easier still, is to set up a credit card merchant account. If you decide to go down this route then its best to deal with the same bank that handles your business accounts. You’re more likely to get a better deal on the transaction fees this way. If this doesn’t work for you then do plenty of research before making the final decision as the fee structure per transaction will be crucial to your business.

What ever you decide to do we can help.