Survey confirms the value of a restaurant mobile app

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A recent study by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) proves the growing value of smart phone apps. Consumers want to use their phones to order and pay for meals, and many restaurants are eager to catch up with the demand. Highlights of the study include:

  • 20% of all adults have placed takeout or delivery orders on smartphones or tablets in the past month. For people aged 18 to 34, that figure rises to 35%. The total that used any kind of restaurant technology such as looking up directions was 63%
  • 70% of people aged 18 to 34 would take advantage of smartphone rewards and special deals programs. The same is true of 50% of customers of all ages.
  • When consumers ranked their priorities for new technology options, loyalty programs and ordering placed first and second. After that came booking reservations, seeking entertainment and making payments.
  • 48% of quick service restaurants say they are budgeting to spend more on mobile ordering and other customer technology this year.

Similar trends are being observed in the UK. Webpioneer can develop a smart phone app for your takeaway or restaurant. Source: