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Choosing keywords for your website is a critical stage in the SEO process. Choose the right keywords and, so long as the on-site and off-site optimisation processes are carried out correctly, your site could rank on the first page of Google and will attract the right type of visitors i.e. those who will buy things from you.

However, choose the wrong keywords and, no matter how perfectly the on-site and off-site optimisation processes, your website will never be a success. You’ll get very few visitors or your site will receive visitors who don’t convert into sales. So, what factors contribute to making keywords the right keywords for your website to target.

Relevance – The keywords that you target should be highly relevant to the products or services you provide. The more relevant the keywords are, the easier and quicker it will be to rank for those keywords, and the higher the percentage of visitors who will become buyers.

Commercial intent – You should target keywords that catch people at the right stage of the buying cycle. The further along someone is in the cycle, the more chance there is of making a sale. You want visitors who are ready to spend money rather than those who are just looking for information.

Search volume – Target keywords that people are actively searching for. The more people there are searching for a keyword phrase the more visitors you will get when you rank well for that keyword phrase. There are tools that can be used to find approximate search numbers for keywords.

Competitiveness – To keep costs down and to rank quickly you need to choose keywords that are not being actively targeted by big brands or long established websites. You want to choose your race carefully – you need a race you can win. The metrics of the ten websites currently ranking on the first page for a keyword phrase need to be assessed to determine whether your website can compete with them.

WebPioneer can help your business with this process so give us a shout.